Piano improvisation is for everyone, not just the gifted few. Our improvisation-based piano programs invite you to sit at the piano and play your own music, right in the moment!!


Who we are

Personal creativity is what brings piano playing into its true artistic expression. Giving my students the encouragement to create their own music is the most important thing I do...

Annette S 


Musicopolis is dedicated to helping people express themselves musically through creative piano improvisation.


We help you discover your ‘inner musician’, giving you tools to play freely in the moment.


Our multimedia program facilitates your playing using musical themes woven through books, audio tracks and movies.


If you are a music teacher or a music student, the process is fun, easy and rewarding. Click here to get started.



For young piano students 4 to 7 years of age.

Children are immersed in a storybook world, learning to play their own musical interpretation on the piano, while building key music foundations. 

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For piano students from around 7 years of age.

Learn to play live piano improvisations to short movies at the piano. An inspiring  multimedia, 3 dimensional playing experience! 

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Unique real-time, improvisational projects for a global community.

Imagine a world where everyone creates music for the same project; inspiring, growing and sharing ideas together, regardless of geography, culture, age or instrument. 

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Play a Window makes teaching improvisation less intimidating for the teacher and more enjoyable for the student.

Cheryl P


The world needs creative thinkers 

Improvisation – the ability to effectively and spontaneously create ideas, solutions and possibilities. Inspire your creativity through music.


How it works

All of my students have blossomed in both composition and improvisation. The programs really solidify the idea for students that music is not on a sheet of paper, but rather inside each one of us.

Sandy L

Music affects lives

What people are saying about our programs. 

Music has a profound affect on our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. People are saying that our programs have changed their lives.



"Improvisation has never been my comfort zone, and Play a Story and Play a Window have opened up a new world for me. The more I teach them, the more I love them."

Francis B

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It's fun, easy and rewarding. 

Designed for teachers, students and parents, our programs will help you to explore the world of improvisation.


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"Play from the heart; play for life"

Watch "Play a Story" program creator Lyndel Kennedy on Tim Topham TV discussing her approach to engendering a spirit of improvisatation and creativity in piano playing.